Reading at Home


Reading at Home

Arguments abound constantly about the need for this and that in the future, particularly in education. But, it has been like that for the past 40 years, with people believing that ‘computers will do everything for us.’ However, we know that is not the case. Reading is one of those things that will be eternal and something which requires practice, variety, context and enjoyment.

We are very fortunate to have a plethora of books for all ages in our wonderful library at Brookes Moscow. Our Early Years and Lower School classes regularly update their reading books and opportunities are weaved into the curriculum to be exposed to reading. But when it comes to reading at home, there are some important things to know and try. Why not give them a go!

  1. Start early.

Even very young babies can benefit from listening to someone reading to them. They will not understand the words, but hearing a familiar voice is comforting in itself. If reading with very young babies, books with black and white images are best whilst a baby's eyes are developing.

  1. Asking your child what they want to read.

This is vital to books gaining a child’s attention. Of course, this means that a variety of books need to be on offer as well. But, don’t worry if they like to read one particular book again and again. Perhaps this is the style of book they prefer.

  1. Sit close together.

Reading can be as much of a bonding activity as an educational one and by sharing it together, it becomes nurturing especially when a child spends a lot of time away from home.

  1. Give books as presents.

These can become cherished items that bring memories to a child.

  1. Model reading.

If a child see’s someone they admire and respect reading, they are likely to follow their example.

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