What I like the most about the IB programme is that it allows my children to develop skills not only just for academics but also for life. I like that they are taught to think differently about ideas and opinions from other places and people in the world. That they are challenged to think independently and critically about beliefs and cultural norms. It is also important to me that they are taught the teamwork, how to manage their time and stress, and how to communicate with others as this will be needed to navigate the world and job market when they are older. Of course, academics are just as important, and in the modern world, we live in, it's great that they receive these life skills through the IB programme.

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Fabian loves his friends in Brookes very much as they have a lot of great time together. They shared greetings of their home countries, had Friday Fun every week, visited interesting spots in Moscow, took part in Brookes Plus activities, practiced songs or drama during festivals and etc. Through all these activities, they had a deep interaction to learn to be open-minded, principled, and multicultural. No mention to their daily academic courses, which prepared under the IB guidelines to nurture a communicator, an inquirer, a thinker. I am grateful to have my son spend his primary school time here and delighted to make such a choice.