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Young Musician of the Year 2024

The Brookes Gryphon Young Musician of the Year 2024

Our school is starting the preliminary round of the contest “ Brookes Gryphon Young Musician of the Year Award”, which will be followed by live auditions and the final round (gala concert). All young musicians from state, private and international schools all over Moscow and Russia's regions are invited to demonstrate their skills in performing classical music.

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Five Nominations

Classical Piano
Bowed Strings
Woodwind and Brass
Classical Guitar
Academic Voice

Two Age Groups:

First group
8-12 years old
Second group
13-17 years old
Key Dates

Deadline for applications with video recordings - March 20th, 2024

30 semifinalists will fight for a place in the finals - April 20th, 2024

The final audition and the Gala - April 24th at 7:00pm

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Rules and Registration Procedure

To read more about the rules of the contest and to register, please follow the link.

For other information please ask the Organizing Committee: gryphon@moscow.brookes.org


Music Feeds the Soul

Do not miss your chance to showcase yourself in the world of music!

Looking forward to seeing you at Brookes Moscow!

Check out our The Gryphon Award 2023 video -

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Unlock Your Potential with Brookes Moscow

As you know, Brookes Moscow prioritizes the well-rounded development of the child to maximize their talents and prepare them for life's independent journeys.

Our Music Plus individual music lessons program, led by piano teacher and concert pianist Alexei Skanavi, is ideally suited to foster an enthusiastic erudite individual.

We believe that regular practice on musical instruments not only helps you achieve your goals, but also builds a lasting habit of self-expression and creativity. In these times when many educational institutions are moving away from important phenomena such as the arts, Brookes Moscow remains committed to its mission of promoting the arts in all its aspects.

We support creative children and teens to help them reach their potential and establish themselves in the world of the arts, which is why we are proud to announce the launch of the music contest.

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