Brookes Plus - Mix of Activities

Unlock Your Potential

Our 2022/23 Brookes Plus has continued throughout the year, giving the students opportunities to further their learning experiences at Brookes Moscow.

In the first weeks of a term, students have the opportunity to choose which clubs they wish to join, selecting from arts, sports, music and many other Brookes Plus clubs. Each term, children are able to reselect clubs and try something new to unlock their potential.

Early Years and Lower School Clubs

It has been fantastic to see the Early Years and Lower School students being risk-takers and trying new activities. The students have been developing their interpersonal skills by working and playing board games, improving their awareness of the world around them by attending the different dance classes and the geography club as well as developing their thinking skills in the problem-solving club, to mention a few.

Brookes plus for Upper and Senior Schools

Many Upper and Senior school students displayed their creative skills and imaginative talents thanks to a variety of workshops such as plastic arts, creative writing, carpentry, clay sculpture and filmmaking. Others opted to pursue their growth and development while taking part in intellectual and physical occupations such as Chess, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Cooking, Computer Science and Ultimate Frisbee. Finally, our Model United Nations and Business Club members enjoyed developing their engagement in real-world affairs and global issues.

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