Canteen Updates and Weekly Menu

Catering at Brookes Moscow

We recognize and understand the importance of wholesome, nutritious meals to fuel our students for a full day of learning. Our catering provider, Right Kitchen LLC, provides our school community with balanced meals using locally sourced ingredients. All catering team members follow strict sanitary protocols for food storage and preparation and ensure that the food products are not contaminated with allergens.

Завтрак в столовой
We offer:

· Healthy meals, freshly prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients

· A menu constructed by a professional dietitian to erasure balance and nutritional value

· A variety of tasty dishes, including Russian and continental cuisine with vegetarian options as part of a four week rotating menu

· A menu to suit all: free from allergens (no nuts or mushrooms), and free from pork

· Enhanced hygiene measures, including a special washroom with numerous sinks for washing hands, and hand sanitizers at all entrances to the canteen

· A schedule for meal times to reduce waiting times for students

· Specialist monitoring to ensure hygiene standards remain the very best

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