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The Key Centre is a major part of school life at Brookes Moscow. Many students past and present have been or are part of the Key Centre. Our goal has always been to ‘unlock students’ potential’ and to support them to become independent, lifelong learners. The journey to achieving this is not the same for every student which is why we personalise learning to their needs. Whilst much learning is done within the classrooms of the Key Centre, the work of our team is very much with the aim of providing a holistic, whole-school approach to supporting students’ needs. This is why all staff support the aims of the Key Centre at Brookes Moscow.

What We Can Provide

English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Students are taught to develop language acquisition skills with a focus on the curriculum in order to fully access learning in class
Scholar students are supported with personalised plans in order to pursue their talents and contribute to school life
Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support
Our SENCo works alongside class teachers to provide bespoke provision to meet individual learning needs
Speech Therapy
Students benefit from individual sessions with our specialist teacher to address communication needs
Psychological Support
Students’ emotional wellbeing ensures they can succeed in learning. Specialist psychological provision supports particular needs with care and compassion
Exam Accommodations
Our qualified staff have the expertise to administer specialist assessments in order to apply for exam accommodations for Year 11 and 13 exam students
English as an Additional Language (EAL)

With the aim of supporting students to effectively access the curriculum in English at Brookes Moscow, students' language proficiency level may require support from our specialist Language Support Teachers.

Individual or small group lessons with a Language Support Teacher

Guided support within timetabled lessons

Regular assessment and feedback

Continuous use of strategies that benefit EAL learners

Number of lessons and lesson times suited to the individual

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

As an inclusive school, Brookes Moscow believes "every teacher is a teacher of special educational needs". Our staff are guided by the SEN Coordinator to devise bespoke learning plans when required and provision maps which detail strategies used to support students in class. Regular communication with families is essential to the success of this provision. We are also able to provide detailed assessments of attainment and achievement to get a full understanding of students’ individual learning needs.

Exam Accommodations

It is essential that we embrace the needs of our students, particularly when they are preparing for MYP and DP exams. To ensure they have every opportunity to succeed, we may wish to apply for certain exam accommodations. Our qualified staff are authorised to administer specific assessments designed to provide sufficient evidence of need. Some accommodations that we may apply for are as follows:

25% additional time to sit exams

a reader (sometime to read the text for the student)

the use of a word processor (with or without spell checking)

a scribe

Brookes Moscow Families
EAL Program Testimonial:

This is our first year at Brookes and second year at an English speaking school. Our two children, a 10-years old boy and a 6-years old girl in EAL program at Key Centre. It’s only been half a year, and already my husband and I, see impressive progress in our children's knowledge of the English language, this happens a lot thanks to the EAL studies in Key centre.

The kids learn in small groups, with their friends and receive personal attention adopted to their abilities and their pace. They are happy to come to these classes because they feel appreciated and supported by the teaching staff. Our older son had more difficulty, especially in speaking, he was shy, and already after two months in EAL he felt more confident to make mistakes and start to speak.

The kids receive help and guidance regarding the material they learn in class and many other things beyond. Our son’s teacher Ms. Anastasia even adapts lessons and tasks to things he likes (like more interesting topics and learning new words through the app and not from the book).

Our daughter progresses faster and also receives material according to her abilities. At the New Year's show, she got a central role in the show and sang in English with two children who speak English from birth.

The support and studies at Key Centre are critical and extremely important for a child's sense of self confidence and success in school education, for their integration in the class, first of all socially and also academically.

We are very happy and grateful for the investment, support and help of the team at Key Centre to our children.

Mr. and Mrs. Loubinker


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