Paper Bird Children’s Hospice


On Thursday, 13th October, our Year 4B and 4R students welcomed children from the Paper Bird Children’s Hospice into school and had a fun-filled and engaging morning with them in the Early Years hall! Paper Bird is the charity that we have worked with since the start of Brookes Moscow and which we support throughout the year. The hall was stationed with islands of activities for the children to do and a Friendship Tree was created with the handprints of our Year 4 students and their guests. Year 4 did an incredible job at receiving the boys and girls from the hospice and making them feel comfortable in an environment unfamiliar to them. The morning was not merely about our students being great hosts but also about recognising and being grateful for the privileges and advantages given to us, and how to connect and be empathetic with others who face exceptional difficulties in their lives.  

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