Experiential learning at Brookes


At Brookes we believe in experiential learning. This is a process of learning through which a chosen experience is supported by reflection and critical thinking from our learners that allow them to take initiative and make decisions. Our teachers ensure that students not only observe but also experience while learning in order to boost their confidence and motivate them to be lifelong learners.

In a recent Biology lesson, Year 13 students were treated to an engaging experience when Mr. Kulkarni, Biology and Science teacher, surprised students by bringing the actual lungs and trachea of a sheep to the science lab. To understand the mechanical properties and elasticity of lung cells, Mr. Kulkarni blew air into the sheep’s lungs to exhibit how they expand and collapse by inflation and deflation. Students were thrilled to witness this demonstration and asked excellent questions as inquirers, their curiosity and interest piqued.

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