October Recitals


We are pleased to announce that our Brookes Recitals are continuing during the month of October! As usual, the concerts take place on Wednesday evenings, and we extend a warm welcome to you all. Please find the following information pertaining to each concert. We hope to see you there!

“Variations and Themes” on the 5th of October with Vycheslav Serzhanov.

Our guest artist is both a composer and a performer. He will present to the audience his original compositions and improvisations inspired by historical and life stories. Most of them were included in documentaries of different years, mainly in the orchestral version. The language of presentation is close to academic, but sufficiently original and recognizable. Vyacheslav Serzhanov is a Laureate of the International Jazz Festival (Moscow, 1995). He also worked as an arranger for Lara Fabian, Andrea Boccelli and other world stars.

“Good Old England” on the 12th of October with Lyubov Zolotova and Aurus Band.

Unravel the secrets of old English through live music! Find out how the English language has evolved throughout centuries and hear magical songs from the 12th to the 21 century. Amazing facts about English, reconstructed pronunciation of Old and Middle English, rare songs of different times performed live. The program was developed by a bilingual language coach, musician and founder of Aurus band, Lyubov Zolotova and is conducted in English.

“All Around Guitar” on the 19th of October with Maria Zhirnyh.

This program combines music of the four centuries – from Bach’s polyphonic compositions to modern music, in which ordinary sound of guitar is not the only means of musical expression. All the pieces of the program are chosen and arranged in this order not by chance – they tell one big story about a person looking for himself, and in this search going through various life challenges. The program has a philosophical subtext, but at the same time it is fascinating for its stylistic diversity. Our guest performer is Maria Zhirnyh, a young and talented guitarist, laureate of many international competitions.

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