Latest achievements of our staff


Brookes Moscow is very excited to share the latest achievements of our staff with the school community. We would like to personally congratulate Aleksandra Lukianova, Daria Pavlova and Olga Buyakevich for receiving their Post Graduate Certificates in Education from the University of Buckingham. This course took place over the period of the 2021 – 2022 academic year and required a great deal of hard work, dedication and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Each graduate was required to demonstrate high standards of teaching and present evidence which exhibited exceptional practice. These areas included, but were not limited to, establishing positive attitudes, values and behaviour, promoting progress, making an accurate and productive use of assessment and making a wider contribution to the wider ethos of the school. In addition to this, academic writing modules drove the graduates to research the latest teaching pedagogies and investigate innovative approaches that can be applied within a classroom setting.

Successful completion of the course required a significant amount of self-reflection and guided study. All continually displayed their ability to contemplate areas for development which led them down different avenues of learning. Aleksandra honed in on her interest and speciality of teaching visual arts and through a transdisciplinary approach, connected design regularly with the Unit of Inquiry. She further focused on curriculum development, specifically backwards by design planning which allowed Aleksandra to construct insightful learning experiences that drove the development of knowledge, skills and values that are aligned with the IB approach. Daria identified the importance of 21st century learning and connected innovation with education. This led her to research, design and implement individualised lessons through the use of IT that thoroughly engaged students in the learning process. She did this in parallel with nurturing the skills needed to thrive in a technological environment. Most importantly, this allowed Daria to effectively set differentiated learning experiences that challenged, motivated and inspired. Olga used the authenticity of the studies to regularly implement new strategies that maximise student growth, both academically and holistically. A particular focus of Olga’s was to cultivate a learning environment that supports both native and EAL learners. Olga consistently adapted her teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils giving each the opportunity to progress and thrive.

All adapted positively to a multitude of challenging circumstances during their studies and their attitude towards providing a safe and nurturing learning environment has been commendable. Aleksandra, Daria and Olga should be extremely proud of their achievements and we are proud to have them as members of staff at Brookes.

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