Recitals Season Starts


The concert season 2022-2023 in Brookes Moscow starts with Mozart! This is also the first recital of the series “Classics on one-two-three”. Each concert of the series is devoted to one composer and includes his works for one, two and three performers. This time Brookes Moscow’s Head of MusicPlus Mr Alexey Skanavi will play Mozart’s Piano Sonata in F (K.332), and then our school’s violin teacher Ms Anna Zubrilina will join him in the Violin Sonata in B-flat (K.454), and finally, one of Russia’s best viola players Mr Anton Yaroshenko will complete the ensemble in Trio in E-flat (K.498).

We are looking forward to seeing you at Brookes Moscow on the 21st of September at 19:00. To buy a ticket please follow the link

On the 28th of September, four bright musicians of academic and contemporary styles are gathering to perform wonderful music in the genre of ‘crossover’. Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio written by French composer Claude Bolling mixes baroque music ideas with some jazz elements. This time Brookes Moscow’s popular teachers of the MusicPlus programme will be on the stage in our Performance Hall: Mrs Elena Viner (flute), Mr Kirill Kachanov (drums), Mr Valentin Khalembakov (bass guitar) and Mr Alexey Skanavi (piano).

To find more information and join the Recital on September 28, 19:00, please follow this link

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