Lower School and Early School Brookes +

Brookes + started this week with a lot of excitement throughout our halls! Brookes’ staff offered 13 clubs each day across Lower School and Early Years, including the most popular ones from previous years and also some new clubs that were a wonderful surprise to students. As a school, we are very proud of the impact that extracurricular activities such as those offered by Brookes + can have on our students and continually try to offer interesting and stimulating clubs to help stretch the children’s minds within a social context.

It was fantastic to see all of the smiling faces fully engaged in their chosen activities. The students were fully involved with their activities and produced some excellent work pieces. As always, the teachers made well-planned activities that meet the interest levels of the students. Throughout each session, the students are well supported to deepen their understanding of their chosen activity and improve specific skills.

Brooke’s + will continue until Thursday 15th December.  It will then break for Christmas and restart on Wednesday 18th January with a change of activities. Please keep an eye out for the signup email early in January.

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