Early Years' Spring Performance


Brookes Moscow Early Years took everyone who witnessed the Spring Performance on a whirlwind trip ‘Around the World!’ A truly spectacular event was held at the end of last month with children from Pre Nursery to Year 2 coming together to create one of the greatest, most vibrant and exciting shows we’ve seen!

From the opening number, it was clear that the young performers had put a lot of effort into their performances with each child confidently and enthusiastically, delivering their lines and dance moves with precision and energy. The event was filled with colourful costumes and custom videos featuring the fun, learning and growth happening every day in Brookes Moscow Early Years classes.

Children were able to showcase their talents and together celebrate the diversity of cultures in our school and around the world. Each performance represented a different country, and the audience was taken on a journey across 4 continents and into the cultures and traditions of places like Russia, Vietnam, the UK, France, USA, South Africa and Egypt.

One of the highlights of the show was the Dreamer finale, where all the children came together on stage to perform a lively and energetic dance full of passion and hope. The joy and enthusiasm of the young performers were contagious, and it was impossible not to be swept up in the excitement.

Overall, the Early Years spring performance at Brookes Moscow was a wonderful celebration of the talents and cultures of the young students. It's events like these that make school life so special and memorable, and it's clear that the students of Brookes Moscow have a bright future ahead of them.

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