Grandmaster Gryphons


Our Grandmaster Gryphons were out in force at Hinkson for the annual invitational tournament. Our Gryphons were certainly no pawns as the fast-paced group games saw Allen, Fedor and Philip top their respective groups.

As the pieces tumbled, the jovial atmosphere tested the concentration of our Gryphons and their competitors alike. This however allowed for some 'bullet' exhibition matches which certainly gathered a crowd around Philip.

As the elder statesman of the group, Robert showed his strengths at battling back from early setbacks to finish strongly. This positive example encouraged the younger members of our team as the tournament progressed.

Moving into the quarter finals, the competition heated up bringing some epic battles. Despite some results not going our way, Allen made his way into the semi-final, ending the tournament in 3rd place. What a fantastic achievement!

Congratulations to our Grandmaster Gryphons who represented their school with pride and honour!

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