Y6 Personal Projects


Y6 Personal Projects

The Year 6 students began their exhibition journey last week by exploring the transdisciplinary theme of Sharing The Planet and by attending a range of interactive workshops. These workshops have been designed to meet the needs of the students to provide them with key skills, and important concepts that they will need to effectively prepare and produce an interesting and interactive exhibition.

The workshops have been hosted by staff from across the whole school with a focus on skills such as presenting research findings clearly and creatively, strategies to resolve conflict when working as part of a team, and evaluating the relevance and reliability of information sources. The workshop leaders also created engaging activities to increase their understanding of concepts such as academic integrity, resilience and the essential elements of the PYP.

This week, the students will meet guest speakers who will inspire them and pique their interests before they decide the direction their various inquiries will take. The exhibition, which will take place on 1st June 2023, will involve the students developing their learning agency by independently applying their ATL skills, presenting their research findings and demonstrating meaningful action.

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