Connectivity - learning the global sustainable development in Apothecary Garden


The educational visit to the Apothecary Garden allowed the Year 4 students to reflect on and inquire further into their learning connected to collaborative decision making and how this has an impact on individuals and society. The unit of inquiry began by exploring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with specific focus on Goal 15 - Life on Land. The students learnt about the need to protect ecosystems such as tropical rainforests, as well as exploring how the biodiversity of animals, plants and microorganisms in these areas provide us with the air we breathe, the food we eat and life-saving medicine. The students discovered the importance of nature conservation and organisations that support this cause. During the excursion, the students were able to see nature conservation in action - the centre contextualised ecosystems in a range of biomes and provided a great amount of stimuli for discussion. The students were also able to make important observations and make specific inquiries by asking thoughtful questions to the experts whose job it is to protect these rare and wonderful species of plants and animals.

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