Living Together in a Highly Interconnected World

design cycle

Our students were given a difficult task to connect the concepts of communities, collaboration, globalisation and sustainability resulting in ePortfolio with a project, made up of 40 pages, which followed the design cycle to develop a solution which promotes community connection.

Through their project journey the students were asked to base workflow on the next criterions:

Criterion A

- Explain and justify the need for a solution to a problem for a specified target audience.

- Identify and prioritise primary and secondary research needed to develop a solution to the problem.

- Analyse a range of existing products that inspire a solution to the problem.

- Develop a detailed design brief which summarises the analysis of relevant research.

Criterion B

- Develop Design specifications which clearly state the success criteria for the design of a solution.

- Develop a range of feasible design ideas that can be correctly interpreted by others.

- Present the chosen design and justify its selection.

- Develop accurate and detailed planning drawings/diagrams and outline the requirements for the creation of the chosen solution.

Criterion C

- Construct a logical plan that describes the efficient use of time and resources, sufficient for peers to be able to follow to create the solution.

- Demonstrate excellent technician skills when making the solution.

- Follow the plan to create the solution, which functions as intended.

- Fully justify changes made to the chosen design and plan when making the solution.

Criterion D

- Design detailed and relevant testing methods which generate data to measure the success of the solution.

- Critically evaluate the success of the solution against the design specification.

- Explain how the solution could be improved.

- Explain the impact of the solution on the target audience.

And importantly ePortfolios the projects should have answered following questions:


  • What is globalisation?
  • What is social sustainability?
  • What methods do we use to connect and collaborate with one another?


  • Why are global interactions important?
  • How can design improve communication?


  • Is the increase of global interaction a risk?

Our students achieved great results in connecting concepts and completing difficult objectives in both ePortfolios and physical projects. Please check their beautiful creations.

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