Empathy week


We continue with Empathy Week at Brookes Moscow! Students are participating in whole school activities that show compassion and appreciation not only for their fellow classmates and teachers but for others as well. One of the main events this week is a Clothing Drive that will benefit children at the Lighthouse Hospice charity. Students and staff will also write messages of gratitude on the Gratitude Tree and send out personal notes of appreciation to members of staff. Today, during Upper and Senior School assembly,  our Year 10 students gave a presentation called How Can Literature Increase Empathy and discussed a book whose characters faced family obstacles with a daughter with Down Syndrome. They connected the story to a discussion about Down Syndrome and conveyed how having empathy not only challenges societal stereotypes but paves the way for others to have equal opportunities and experiences.

Empathy enables us to build trust and gain understanding and respect for others that allows us to foster and maintain healthy relationships, all of which are important attributes found in the IB programme, and in life!

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