Brookes+ Upper and Senior School


Our 2022/23 Brookes+ campaign began on Wednesday 14th September! And we had a record-breaking attendance for a Brookes+ inaugural day!

Brookes+ is our popular after school programme which offers a wide range of exciting and engaging activities to further our students’ learning experience. We provide them with unique participation opportunities in three distinct areas:

  • Creativity: this is where the students can be inspired to express their artistic and imaginative talents. Workshops such as plastic arts, creative writing, carpentry, clay sculpture and filmmaking enable students to unlock their creative potential.
  • Activity: this is an area where students can pursue their growth and development while taking part in intellectual and physical occupations: Chess in particular is a very popular club. But we also offer Martial Arts, Capoeira, Cooking, Computer Science, Cultural and Literacy Clubs (Italian, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Greek etc.) and Ultimate Frisbee to name but a few.
  • Service and Community: this is an opportunity for our students to engage in real-world affairs and global issues. While our Model United Nations club grows in popularity every year, we also provide business clubs, fundamental research in maths and science, psychology, as well as advocacy workshops for environmental, and animal rights issues.

Given the success of our first two days, we are looking to develop our Brookes+ activities even further. A survey will be sent shortly to all Upper and Senior School students to enquire about how they would like to see Brookes+ develop in the near future. In the meantime, there are more places available to sign up to existing clubs and we strongly encourage families to subscribe to Brookes+ if they have not done so already.

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