Brookes Moscow’s special guests


We recently welcomed members of the Philippine Embassy to our Brookes Moscow campus where our Early Years students participated in the celebration of the Maritime and Archipelagic Nation Awareness Month (MANA Mo). Each September of the year, MANA Mo is celebrated in the Philippines to raise awareness and consciousness of maritime and archipelagic issues and concerns, highlighting the need to protect, conserve, and restore marine biodiversity and ecosystems. This year’s theme is called “Our Seas, Our Livelihood, Our Life Source: A Whole-of-Nation Approach Towards Raising Maritime and Ocean Awareness”.

Our Early Years children were treated to a lovely morning of storytelling during their assembly last week where they listened to a wonderful tale called  “Bayan ng Basura” or “Land of Trash”. The story tells the adventure of Pawikan (Sea Turtle) who was swept away during a big storm from his clean and peaceful home to an area of sea permeated by debris and rubbish. Through his loss and misfortune Pawikan also encounters other sea animals suffering from excessive plastic and waste disposal found in our waters. Students not only enjoyed the storytelling but learned valuable lessons in how to respect and care for the world they are growing up in, and how being responsible and caring citizens greatly impacts not only them, but also the beautiful creatures of the earth. 

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