Brookes Moscow International IB World School Early Years and Lower School Speech Day, June 2022


28 June 2022 Brookes Moscow International IB World School held one of its most memorable special events – the summer Speech Day for the children of the Early Years and Lower School.

Speech Day is the day of celebration of achievements of the students usually held at the end of the academic year. The day is marked with prizes and awards presented to the children, as well as entertainment marking the gala character of the occasion. Speech Day provides a unique opportunity for the students, teachers, School staff and the parents to gather together, meet and communicate, share news, have some enjoyable time together and join the children in honouring their efforts and achievements!

Since early morning there was a festive atmosphere at School, the children and the Brookes Moscow team were preparing for the event and anticipating the parents’ arrival. The ceremony took place in the beautiful modern spacious Performance Hall of Brookes Moscow.

On arrival the parents were warmly greeted by the School personnel, treated with refreshments and light snacks and then welcomed to the Performance Hall, where they could hear a prominent Moscow pianist, the School Head of MusicPlus Programme and Piano teacher, Alexei Skanavi playing.

When everyone gathered in the hall and were comfortably seated, Director of Schools Charley King, Director of Projects Zarina King, special guest from Partner organization Pioneer Group Olga Odincow, Brookes Moscow Principal John Downey welcomed everyone and introduced and handed the awards and prizes to the students of Early Years and Lower School. The parents and all participants had exciting time watching the children being rewarded for their achievements and listening to exclusive pieces of music played by the students in between the ceremony – the beautiful guitar performance by Vladimir, the masterful piano performance by Ekaterina, a fiery performance of “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Kira  that almost made everyone dance, and an outstanding performance of Lev on drums.  At the very end of the Ceremony the Director of Schools Charley King gave an inspiring speech to the students, and the event ended with the new Brookes anthem song.  After that all participants were invited to a reception where they could talk, enjoy tasty food and drinks and celebrate the end of the academic year.

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