Brookes Moscow and Huamin Became Official Partners!


Great Opportunities for Our Students!

We are pleased to announce that Brookes Moscow and the Russian division of Huamin International Investment Corporation, that represents the People's Republic of China in Russia in international trade, investment projects, education, culture and sports, have signed a partnership agreement!

As you know, at Brookes Moscow we are driven by the interests of our students, so we constantly improve our educational options for them, help them achieve the best results in academic studies, sports or arts, reach their potential and establish themselves in the rapidly changing world. We have a warm relationship with Huamin corporation: in its safe, high-quality apartment-style premises our boarding school is located.

An official partnership with Huamin corporation has become the next step in our collaboration, which will help our students to not only learn more about Chinese culture and traditions, and improve their Mandarin skills, but also to increase their chances of getting into the top Chinese universities!

We hope that this collaboration with CIIC Huamin will be fruitful for the success of our students.

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