The Avant-garde Vision of "Cherry Orchard"

вишневый сад

“You oughtn't to go and see plays, you ought to go and look at yourself. What a grey life you lead, what a lot you talk unnecessarily.” ...

These and many other relevant, immortal lines were heard yesterday in an avant-garde theater production of Chekov’s "The Cherry Orchard" at the Brookes Moscow. The production team and student cast created an unusual, unique interpretation of the classic play, adding elements of dramatic grotesque and scenic exaggeration.

The scenography of costumes amazed with their beauty and originality: they symbolised the life and emotions of the characters, emphasised metaphorically avant-garde nature of the production.

In addition to that, our adaptation will be performed by two casts, each one with their own unique take on this eternal classic. The first cast had their debut 30th November and the second cast performed 1st December.! All the actors played their roles flawlessly, conveying the nuances of the characters' feelings. Their expressiveness and emotionality made the audience feel every moment together with the characters.

Feel the atmosphere of theatre in Brookes!

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