An interview with Luke Conner, Chairman of the Schools Consultative Group (SCG) and Parent


1. Why did you choose Brookes Moscow to educate your child?

I chose Brookes for all of the usual reasons: it is international; it teaches and examines the IB as an internationally recognised standard; it has a great building and teaching facilities; the sports and music facilities are amazing; and the Senior Leadership Team is first rate. I was also lucky enough to experience Brookes from a professional experience, when it was in its formative stages, and I know that with Pioneer as a building owner, and with the guiding light of the Brookes Education Group and its talented and experienced board, Brookes Moscow and St. Petersburg will be in extremely safe hands.

2. What are the advantages of the IB program for you?

As I mentioned, the IB represents an internationally recognised standard that is known to employers and universities as well as to parents and schools the world over. Moreover, I know from my own experience, speaking with the external inspectors for the IB program, that the standards are extremely rigorous. Notwithstanding that, there is still a huge focus on child welfare and happiness, which is not always present in other systems. I know as an employer myself, that although the Russian school system is academically challenging (and in areas like mathematics, even exceptional), it is not always the best in terms of creating rounded employees with the transferable and soft skills necessary for success in the modern age. In my opinion, the IB is extremely broad, and allows for students to achieve a broad base to take them on into higher and further education, having sampled as much as possible before having to choose to specialise.

3. How is Brookes School different from other schools?

Before my daughter Anna moved to Brookes around last June, she studied at a Russian private school, which also used the IB programme. The big difference at Brookes, is the truly international experience, with lessons in English, truly international teachers and students. The administration and support staff at Brookes are far superior, as is the ability for parents to speak with the teachers. The facilities are also amazing, and are the cherry on top of the cake, in terms of making the school that much better than its rivals. I should also say that one of the reasons I am so keen on International Schools, is that I noticed when I was at university how much more rounded the students were who had had exposure to different cultures at such schools. They were far better placed than the students who came from even the most elite of the British independent schools. I want for my children to have that experience which I never had, and Brookes, with its international campuses, and the interaction between them, is perfectly placed to satisfy this desire.

4. What are your expectations from the school?

My expectations are a rounded education for my children in a modern and progressive environment, as part of an organisation that is there to open doors and opportunities to them through positivity, new friendships, and great teaching. For me, that is what Brookes is already doing, and it can only get better over the years.

5. Describe Brooks School in three words

World class education!

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