Brookes Moscow International School: A Glorified Journey Towards Excellence


One of the ‘Top Ten Best Schools in Russia’ – Brookes Moscow. We are proud to feature in the Knowledge Review, as we prepare to open for the new academic year of 2020/21. A full review of our school is on pages 24-28 of The 10 Best Schools in Russia 2020.

Teacher, Educator; the title itself conveys how big of a responsibility they hold towards children. From kindergarten to college, teachers are always striving to ensure that every student grows to be the best version of themselves. After years and years of classifying and changing the textbooks and the tests, we can conclude that teachers are the most active ingredients in improving the knowledge and skills of any student. 

But how do teachers ensure that all the students are active participants in the lessons and also of their surroundings? Here comes the need for a positive teacher-student relation. A strong relationship is central to any learning process.

To understand it better, let us dwell on the science of learning and development. When children experience closeness and consistency, the body releases Oxytocin and this hormone has many positive effects on the development of the brain. Thus, when a teacher thinks of building a relationship with a child, or is being nice to them, the child has an experience of attunement and trust and hence, ensuring responsiveness to learning from the child. 

Such teachers comprehend the need of being authentic and seek to understand their students. They make relationships, wherein students are free to learn, irrespective of how many times they have failed. They shape an environment that fosters risk-taking and exploration that drives learning and thus children are educated to take risks when necessary and lead change. 

Understanding the same, the teachers at Brookes Moscow International School (BMIS) have cultivated a learning environment of excellence through a strong teacher-student relationship where the students’ development is anchored on the core pillars of compassion, humanity, superiority, and brilliance. 

Rethinking Education

The belief, ‘today’s learners are tomorrow’s movers and shakers’ has been central to the philosophy of Brookes Moscow International School since its inception in 2018. Sought to provide world-leading education, BMIS is an emerging next-generation IB international school. Here, students are fostered to be self-confident and lifelong learners. 

A member of Brookes Education Group (BEG), a global family of IB schools with seven campuses around the world, values innovation and welcomes students into its interconnected educational network with faculties who bring learning to life and challenge students to unlock and discover their innate potential.

Why Choose BMIS?

This premier education provider has refined every level of the IB curriculum, instilling in its students with curiosity and dedication needed to make sense of a complex world. BMIS helps students discover their passion, character, and understand their connection to others and society. The school also adopts and promotes creativity, and builds character to develop connections by delivering exceptional educational learning experiences.

An Interactive Learning Space

We have laid out BMIS’ goal and its purpose however, there lingers a question on how does the school achieve the aforesaid? The school achieves this by adhering to its mission statement; striving to use the environment as a tool and a canvas for learning and action. 

Hence, rather than structuring classrooms in a traditional lecture, question and answer format, the school uses innovative educational techniques and state-of-the-art facilities and creates an environment that fosters creativity, inquiry, critical thinking, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

At BMIS, students are at the centre of a learning process and thus the faculties here support inquiry-based learning. It is the only International Educational establishments in Moscow & Saint Petersburg offering the full IB Programme (PYP, MYP, DP). The faculties here understand that children learn better when engaged and are having fun. Thus, students are encouraged to take control of their own learning. 

The school’s focus on students taking control of their own education includes taking risks that encourage experiments, hypothesizing and analysing their findings, growing from failures, and learning again. This way they realize that they are on the curve of continuous growth and hence, there is always scope to learn more. This way any student builds self-confidence, leadership skills, responsibility towards the community and become lifelong learners.

What Enables BMIS’s Excellence?

The reason why BMIS achieves its prime goal of the holistic development of students is because of its student-centric approach. As mentioned above, students here are at the centre of the learning process, and focusing on the below-mentioned values helps it offer premium quality education.

  • Valuing children and respecting their individuality
  • Appreciating and recognizing the uniqueness
  • Catering to every child’s need
  • Encouraging and embracing diversity
  • Providing a safe and growth-centric environment
  • Familiarizing students that learning is a lifelong process

Amenities for All and One

We have already established that BMIS’ focus on supporting ambitious, independent, and responsible global citizens is what sets it apart from other IB schools. Supporting the school in achieving the same is also its growth-centric facilities.

These facilities include 2 swimming pools, martial arts hall, sports hall with viewing area, ballet studio, photography studio, design technology suites, 3 science laboratories, IT suites, libraries, running track, basketball courts, visual arts studios, performance hall, music suites, early years sports hall, kitchens on-site, full catering, parent cafe, lockable lockers, iPads and MacBooks for all pupils, garden area, cookery, and textile rooms.

The school also has a canteen that serves food keeping in mind the dietary, allergy, and religious needs and provides Safe and secure school bus service (15+ routes) to meet transportation needs.

Making History

Despite being a new school, BMIS is a global study hub that acknowledges the relevance of an education that flexes the needs of this constantly changing world. Thus, its teaching practices will break through traditional techniques and go beyond the classroom walls into the avenue of (student’s) physical, intellectual, and social development.

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