Our faculty staff are dedicated to their work and the children at BROOKES Moscow. One of our most cheery and caring Early Years practitioners is Ashley Johnston - joined us in 2021, having spent much of her teaching career in Spain. Ashley, when not busy with us in Moscow, uses her holiday time to work at home in Scotland as an Accident & Emergency Nurse. 

Ashley is a passionate Early Years teacher and enjoys being able to create a vibrant, interactive and fun classroom full of learning. She is an avid reader at home and believes it is important to make time to enjoy this where possible. Ashley helps the children in her classroom find this same love of reading by learning English through stories. She gives students the opportunity to bring reading alive using imaginative role play situations stemming from the stories, exemplified recently in the Reception Beaver’s class where Leprechauns and Dancing Reindeer have visited! These opportunities provided the students with a wealth of speaking opportunities as well as allowing the children to develop their problem-solving skills to discover what happened in their classroom. Seeing this excitement and passion towards learning is something Ashley cherishes each day she works at Brookes.

She is fortunate to be able to work alongside experienced and enthusiastic colleagues who provide a wealth of knowledge about the IB. Just like Ashley constantly encourages the students she works with, she also strives to learn more each day. With that in mind she is now looking forward to the IB training opportunities that the school has planned for her so that she can begin to implement new and dynamic strategies in the classroom during the next academic year at Brookes.

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