Pancakes + Tretyakovka = Weekend Programme


What an incredible Sunday morning our Brookes Moscow boarding students had, thanks to our school partner, Novikov School!

The day was filled with positivity, creativity, and activity from start to finish. Brookes boarders prepared Sunday breakfast to enjoy all together during master class of Novikov School. They started with delicious pancakes and engaged in lively discussions about the different shapes and sizes they managed to create. Chef Galina prepared a mouthwatering cottage cheese mousse, and everyone had a blast slicing strawberries and decorating their plates with their culinary creations. And with a small herb garden right on the school grounds, they even had the opportunity to gather fresh mint for an extra touch of flavor!

For the second course, our young chefs put together tuna sandwiches, although some students who don't eat fish opted for cheese or sausage as delicious alternatives.

And the adventure didn't end there! Students were led to the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val, where they were greeted by the amazing Elena, a renowned Moscow tour guide. Her passion and knowledge were palpable as she tailored the tour to the interests of our students, asking thought-provoking questions and even rewarding those who could tackle the trickiest queries. Boarders delved into the artistry of Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich, marveled at Tatlin's flying machine, and explored the portraits of Lenin and Stalin.

What a day of discovery, creativity, and cultural enrichment! A big thank you to Novikov School and all the enthusiastic participants who made this experience unforgettable. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures on the horizon!

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