Mysterious Disappearance Took Place in Brookes Moscow!


Imagine arriving at school only to discover that all of your precious House Points tokens have mysteriously vanished! The shock and awe were real as we faced this puzzling challenge! Our valiant House Captains, donning their robes and armed with determination, were entrusted with the task of rallying their teams. They were about to embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind the missing points.

In the spirit of unity and healthy competition, all students banded together with their House Captains. We scoured every nook and cranny of the school grounds, knowing that our precious House Points could be hidden anywhere!

The ultimate goal was to return our hard-earned House Points to their rightful boxes. House Captains raced against time to fill our House Points graph to the very top! It was a test of speed, teamwork, and cunning as we vied for glory.

And the winners are... After an intense and thrilling hunt, we finally crowned the victorious house that emerged with the most House Points! The celebrations were epic, and the bond among our housemates grew stronger than ever.

This Scavenger Hunt was not just about points; it was about coming together as one big Brookes family, and we succeeded! Let's keep the spirit alive and stay tuned for more exciting events that will make our school experience truly unforgettable!

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