Brookes Moscow Shines in External Football Match


Under the clear, sunny skies of Krasnogorsk, a day filled with sportsmanship, camaraderie, and outstanding performances unfolded as 25 teams from 6 schools gathered for an exciting football tournament. Our Brookes Moscow students truly shone with their athletic skills and teamwork, leaving their mark on the event.

Competition was fierce, with teams of all ages, and here is how our talented Gryphons performed:

🥇 Boys U11 - The Gryphons came first in their group, taking the top spot and soaring to victory.

🥇 Girls U11 - These young Brookes Moscow athletes showcased their skills again, securing 1st place.

🥈 Boys U13 - The Gryphons' dominance continued as they secured 2nd and 3rd places in this category with two teams.

🥈 Boys U15 - The Brookes team showcased their prowess by securing a strong 2nd place.

🥇 Girls U16 - The girls displayed exceptional skills, claiming the 1st place trophy.

🏆 Boys U18 - The Brookes team exhibited their resilience and spirit, making their presence felt in the competition.

The event unfolded at a picturesque outdoor stadium in Krasnogorsk, where the atmosphere was electric, thanks to the unwavering support and cheers from the Brookes community. Parents, siblings, friends, and school leadership all came together to cheer on our young athletes.

Congratulations to Brookes Moscow footballers for their outstanding achievements in this football match. The Gryphons and all the participating teams have showcased not only their sporting abilities but also the true spirit of sportsmanship. This memorable day is a testament to our school's commitment to holistic development and nurturing well-rounded individuals.

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