MYP Results @ Brookes Saint Petersburg


Continued success at Brookes Saint Petersburg, with our MYP e-assessments of 2022, showing improvement in our students’ achievements. This year we saw more students achieving the full MYP certificate than previously and those students did so by pushing their average subject scores higher and higher. Two of our students scored above the world average for their total score, and one in particular scored an outstanding 42!

Also pleasing was the attainment in Visual Arts, the Interdisciplinary Learning and the Personal Project subject areas, in which all three showed a marked improvement from previous years in all three subjects, scoring well over the world average.

This continuing success in the MYP Certificate is something we feel very proud of in Brookes Saint Petersburg, but it is also something that we will continue to build on year on year as we strive to push our students to showcase their abilities and achieve their true potential.

Last year, only 8.45% (7,120 out of a global number of 89,158) of MYP students globally achieved the MYP Certificate. This is an indicator of how rigorous the certificate is and how challenging it is to obtain. We are particularly proud of our students who were entered for the certificate and achieved it, and we recognise the hard work and dedication they exhibited throughout the year.

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