Akhil report y13

Despite the cold weather and snowfall outside this week, spring gradually came to our houses, our hearts and our school... Last week our Upper School held a Maslenitsa Assembly dedicated to the Russian holiday when people say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.

It was the first Assembly in Upper School when the students spoke Russian from the stage and those students were non-natives - some of them have studied Russian for only a couple of months. The youngest Year 7 student asked riddles and sang folk Russian songs with domra and the eldest Year 13 students performed with their reports about Maslenitsa traditions and symbols. The students managed to overcome emotions and perform in front of hundreds of Russian-speakers. Congratulations on their debut on the Russian scene!

The Assembly was finished with a duet of Ms Tatiana (domra, Russian folk instrument) and Mr Skanavi (piano) with 'Ave Maria' Kachini.

We wish everyone a happy Maslenitsa and fun school holidays!

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