Izmailovsky Kremlin field trip


Between two holidays – the Day of the Russian Language (6th of June) and the Day of Russia (12th of June), Year 6  students experienced Russian traditions and culture, going for a trip to the Izmailovsky Kremlin. This is a place where you can feel the spirit of Russian culture: you can see the impressive wooden house and stone towers, the Russian church built without a nail, the man-size Matreshka and a statue of Masha and the Bear, the Cheburashka’s telephone booth and many small museums – Museum of Russian toys, Museum of Russian costume, Museum of Russian Bread and The Candle Workshop.

The children took part in the “Russian fun” tour, playing traditional games with animators Yegorka and Petrushka. Afterwards, they took a master class on painting a wooden toy.

It was a fantastic final part of their Russian studies in PYP before transitioning to explore Russian language and culture in Upper School.

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