Healthy Eating at Brookes

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Do you like healthy food? Here at Brookes, we enjoy healthy food, professionally cooked onsite by our chef and his team. 

Let us tell you why healthy eating for children is important: healthy skin, teeth and eyes; strong bones and muscles; outstanding immune system and supporting healthy growth. This is why the choice of our menu will always be fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. We consider all our students' needs, such as vegetarian options and other dietary requirements. Furthermore, we also fully follow the Russian sanitary regulations and norms for ‘food in schools.’

It is important for us that our students stay healthy and strong throughout a school day. To have a good breakfast and then a lunch to keep them productive and busy. During the day our students use their energy for critical thinking and different types of sport activities. For this, we offer rich breakfasts with porridges, cereals, eggs and other healthy picked food. Then we offer tasty nutritious lunches: soups, rich choices of side dishes, main dishes, fresh spreads of hummus and, of course, fresh vegetables every day. 

Sometimes you don’t need a lot to be happy, sometimes a good healthy meal is all you need to ace the day and break in new ideas to rock the world! 

Join Brookes Moscow and start your day healthy with us!

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