Dance and Academic Scholarships Awarded


We are delighted to announce two prestigious dance and academic scholarships at Brookes Moscow, for both Max and Joshua Bonici. Both boys came to visit the school again, just before heading off for competition with their Russian dance partners to China. On return, they will attend Brookes Moscow, and we hope to see them in action in our very own performance hall in September and when school commences.
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About the boys:

Max and Joshua and their dance partners are dancers currently represent Russia. They travel around the world participating in championships around the world. So far, they have competed in Ireland, U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Poland, China, Moscow and St. Petersburg. They are currently under the guidance of a well-known celebrity dance teacher Vlad Borodinov who is opening up new opportunities worldwide. Max and Joshua often are invited to participate in dance competitions abroad. Their next engagements will be in China over the summer where they are paid to participate in dance camps and competitions. As well as their numerous achievements in competitions, they have also appeared in several TV programmes in U.K., Ireland, the Netherlands, Russia and USA. Joshua and his partner Liza were also amongst one of the 4 couples selected to be the pioneers of a new dance form – American smooth. They have presented American Smooth in Russia and the U.K. and had recently participated in a film production about this new dance form.

Max’s dancing career started when he was 5 years old. Below are his achievements to date:

All Irelands U8 champion Ballroom and Latin dancing 2011, 2012
All Ireland U12 Champion Latin dancing 2014 vice champion ballroom dancing 2014
All Irelands U12 champion in both Ballroom and Latin dancing 2015
British national U12 champion Latin dancing 2016 vice champion ballroom 2016
World champion U16 Ballroom dancing 2016
UK closed U12 championship champion Ballroom and Latin dancing 2017
Russian 10 dance U14 championship finalists 6th place 2018
Ex USSR U14 10 dance vice champion 2018
International champions U14 semi-finalists 2018
Russian U14 10 dance championship 4th place 2019

Joshua started dancing at 3 years old. Below are his achievements:

All Ireland U8 champion Ballroom and Latin 2013, 2014
World Championship U12 solo Ballroom and Latin 3rd place 2015
Junior Blackpool dance festival U10 Jive Winner 2016
British National championship U12 finalists Ballroom and Latin 2016
World Championship U10 Ballroom and Latin Finalists 2016
UK closed U12 ballroom and Latin finalists 2016
Junior Blackpool dance Festival U12 jive finalists 4th place 2017
Selected to represent Team GB at Blackpool 2017
International championship Latin Finalists 2017
Dutch Open championship Finalists 2017
World championship U12 latin finalists 2017
European Championship Finalists 2018
Russian Latin championship U12 3rd place 2018
Russian 10 dance championship U12 4th place 2018
Selected to represent Team Russia at Blackpool 2018 1st place
Ex USSR U12 Latin champion 2018
Selected to represent Team Russia at German Open 2018 2nd place
German open U12 Latin vice champion, Ballroom finalists 4th 2018
International championship finalists 2018
selected to represent Team Russia in London 2018 1st place
Dutch Open championship 3rd place 2018
World Championship Latin vice champion 2018
Selected to represent team Russia at the world championship 2018 1st place
Russian Latin championship 3rd place 2019
Russian 10 dance championship 2nd place 2019
Selected to represent team Russia at Blackpool 2019 2nd place

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