Enrolment for Early Years School is now open!

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Did you know that our youngest students are only two years old?! Yes, yes, you heard that right - only TWO!

At Brookes, the range of play opportunities facilitate the development of the International Baccalaureate Approaches to Learning. Children have opportunities to practise skills such as thinking, researching, and self-management skills, while communicating and building effective connections with their peers.

  • ‘Free play’ provides the context for social interactions between children, where language and social skills can develop in a holistic way, where children can learn from their mistakes and from each other through experience. During free play, children can make their own rules, and they can choose what and who to play with. Teachers will seek to enhance play areas in line with observations, to promote learning and interest during this free play, however teachers do not directly interrupt the play.
  • ‘Guided play’ is initiated and led mainly by the children. The children maintain control over the rules of the play. Teachers may seek to join and to guide the play to make it more purposeful. This may be by asking a question or making a comment to develop the play, or perhaps by introducing another play resource.
  • ‘Directed play’ is set up by the teacher with a clear intention for learning. The teacher sets the rules, which the children should generally follow. This kind of play is useful when practising a particular skill, such as subtracting – the rules and expectations of the directed play are clear and purposefully designed by the teacher. Directed practice through play consolidates understanding.

A gradually increasing academic workload helps to gently and naturally guide children from the kindergarten phase to the school phase, which is why we recommend starting the educational journey with us as early as possible.

We are proud to offer such a unique opportunity for children to start their education and develop useful skills for future success as early as two years old

! If you want your child to receive a quality education and start their journey into the world of knowledge from an early age, our school is the perfect place for you!

Enrolment for Early Years School is now open!