Uniform at Brookes Moscow


To outline the purpose of uniform across the globe, it is important to highlight that uniform, traditionally favoured by private institutions, is a key in becoming a successful student. One reason - wearing a uniform encourages students to focus on studies rather than fashion.

According to procon.org, the first record of uniform happened to be in England in 1222 and it was called ‘cappa clausa’. Since then the uniform movement began and presented a very rich history - in late centuries the uniform arrived at a point where it began to have strong connections with the upper-middle class. Young students considered it as a privilege and wore it outside of school hours to represent their schools.

Here at Brookes we have our signature uniform that connects our students around the globe. In addition, from September, we will empower our eldest of students to choose and wear their own business attire, as they begin preparation in the workplace or at their chosen University. Our policy unites our students and creates a sense of community and commitment. We are proud of our students seeing them carefully dressed and looking smart everyday in and outside of school.

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