MYP Distance Learning Survey was performed among Year 7-11 students (IB MYP 1-5)


Brookes Moscow IB International School is committed to delivering the highest quality training, regardless of the challenges that face a fast-paced world. Recent events related to the Covid-19 pandemic have required the school to implement a high-quality distance learning program as soon as possible. In an effort to receive prompt feedback and on its basis to steadily ensure the highest standards of education, the school conducted a survey of students.

More than 70% of Year 7-11 students (IB MYP 1-5) rated the quality of the distance learning provided as “very good and excellent”. Among the advantages of such education, in addition to the obvious separation for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus, students noted the benefits of learning in comfortable clothing and surroundings without losing contact with classmates and teachers. Students rated highly the ease of using Google Meet and ManageBac, a planning, assessment and reporting platform that was already in place, with some students acknowledging that with distance learning “there is not a lot of difference”.

Among the challenges faced by students, in addition to technical issues with Internet access, aspects such as higher requirements for self-discipline, concentration, attention to time management and self-management were noted. Most of all, students understandably miss social communication with classmates and walks in the air.

The highest ranked subjects for enjoyment were Language and Literature, Mathematics and Individuals and societies, closely followed by the Arts, Sciences and languages.

In total, more than 86% of students attend all scheduled classes. Among the reasons for the absence, students indicate medical visits, problems with access to the Internet from home, simultaneous work with parents who also work from home and ask to be quiet. One student noted with humor that the only lesson he missed was swimming!

Among the Learner Profile Attributes that students reflected they wanted to focus on going forward were Balanced, Caring, Communicator, Inquirer, Knowledgeable and Open-Minded.

We believe the educational benefits from this global situation through our distance learning program will last with our students forever. As they extend their approaches to learning skills such as thinking, communication and self-management, distance learning only enriches the educational process as the students progress through their school years and beyond.

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