Brookes Moscow Communicates With Chinese Universities


As you know, Brookes Moscow has students from all over the world, so we have an atmosphere of respect for all cultures and confessions. In recent years, our students have been demonstrating a growing interest in Chinese culture, choosing Mandarin as an additional language or considering the best universities in the People's Republic of China to continue their studies.

We at Brookes Moscow support our students in all their endeavours, so we help them to prepare for Western or Russian universities, as well as for Chinese universities. Last November we organized our first consultation session with a representative from Xiamen University in Malaysia (XMUM).

Mr. Zheng introduced to our students 23 undergraduate degree programmes of XMUM, i.e. International Business, Accounting, Finance, E-Commerce, Chinese Studies, Journalism, Advertising, Communication, English Language and Literature, New Energy Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Environmental Chemistry, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Digital Media Technology, Cyber Security, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and Physics.

And by the end of 2024 Brookes Moscow is going to introduce to its students 31 best Chinese universities at the Education fair. Follow our news)

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