A new blended programme for primary grades


Brookes Moscow widens its learning horizons for the youngest students!

We are proud to launch a blended programme for primary grades, which not only follows the guidelines of the Federal State Educational Standard (FSES), but also offers innovative and interactive teaching methods.

What makes our teaching approach special?

Modern approaches to learning: We strive to take into account the individual needs of each child, using a variety of teaching methods such as learning through play, project work, research assignments and other innovative tactics.

Interactive format: Lessons become interactive adventures where each child actively participates in learning games, discussions, group projects and other engaging activities.

Joyful and fun-filled learning: We believe that learning should be fun and inspire children to discover. Our lessons are filled with highlights that make learning bright and exciting.

A lifelong love of learning: We aim at not only to provide knowledge, but also to develop children's curiosity, confidence and self-development. We believe that a positive elementary school experience creates the foundation for a long-term love of knowledge acquisition.

Every day at Brookes Moscow is an opportunity for our young students to discover something new, surprising and inspiring. We are proud to be a part of their educational journey and help them reach their potential!

Join us in this exciting journey!

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