Lion King


Our Early Years children tugged on all the heartstrings of those of us who grew up in the 90s, singing, dancing and recreating iconic lines, up on stage in our rendition of The Lion King Jnr!

From the opening number Circle of Life our Performance Hall became the savanna and Pride Rock our home with Simba presented to the crowd. After months of preparation, lines practised and dance moves remembered and run through each day all Early Years were proud to present truly one of the best Brookes’ performances ever!

Drama and performances ensure our students are always part of the learning process, especially when the story being told is so well known! Their ideas of how to approach characters and roles, how brave Mufasa should be and to what extent Scar should scare the audience were worked on collaboratively every practice and the actors' efforts showed,

While Simba and the main characters might have stolen the show, the energy from all the children brought our tale to life! From the Grassland Koalas to the antelope, giraffes, birds and Reception Hyenas each colourful character is added to make the show a classic!

A huge thank you to our Director extraordinaire Mr. Melvin and our costume designer, creator and producer Ms. Sasha! As well as all our incredible cast members who grew in leaps and bounds remembered so many lines and brought the performance to life!

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