Teachers & Assistants

Aleksandra Varentseva
  • Language Support Teacher
  • Bachelor of Oriental and African Studies (Russian State University for the Humanities), Professional retraining in Additional Education (Center for Advanced Studies and Retraining "Luch Znanii")

Renata Orlandoni
  • Music Teacher

I was born in Moscow and raised between Russia and Italy as a daughter of parents from two different countries, growing up in an open-minded and multicultural environment which has allowed me to appreciate different cultures.

Skanavi Alexey
Alexey Skanavi
  • Peripatetic Music Teacher
  • Specialist in Musicology (Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory)

Alexey began his career as a concert pianist soon after his graduation from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in 1991.

Tatiana Tatarnikova
  • Librarian
  • Specialist of linguistics (Irkutsk State Linguistic University), Master of Education (The University of Manchester), Professional retraining "Librarian-teacher" (Centre of professional development "Antares")

In 2008 I graduated from Irkutsk State Linguistic University with the degree in teaching English as an additional language. The following year I moved to Thailand and started my career as an EAL instructor. For more than 10 years of working in Bangkok I’ve gained a vast experience in private tutoring as well as in teaching big classes. In 2021 I got a Master degree in “Leadership in Early Childhood Development and Education” and made a decision to move back to my country. I’m happy I got a job offer from Brookes and would love to work with highly qualified educators. Nice to meet you all!

Yakovleva Yuliya
Yuliya Yakovleva
  • Teacher of Russian
  • Bachelor of Defectology (Smolensk State University), Magister of Fundamental and Applied Linguistics (High School of Economics), Professional retraining "Primary school Teacher" (Smolensk State University)

"I started my teaching career as a private speech therapist teacher. Then I taught at the university to students studying Russian as a foreign language. During all this time, I was imbued with the idea of bilingualism and learning two or more languages from an early age. At Brookes School I help younger students learn Russian and get to know the world."

Tasueva Marina 1
Marina Tasueva
  • Teacher of Russian
  • Bachelor of Linguistics (Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics), Magister of Pedagogics (Moscow State Pedagogical University), Professional retraining "Teaching Russian as Foreign" (Moscow State University)

"I am a devoted and passionate teacher. My teaching career started almost ten years ago. At the beginning of it I was teaching English as a private tutor. After receiving my Master's Degree I have taught Russian as a foreign language to students at Moscow universities for 5 years. I really enjoyed that period of my life and am still grateful to all my students for that enriching experience, during which I have developed not only professionally but on the personal level as well. In 2020 I joined Brookes and began a new chapter in my career, right now I am teaching Russian to children. I am constantly improving and looking for new ideas in my professional field. In my leisure time I am keen on reading and fond of books."

Romashova Varvara
Varvara Romashova
  • Teacher of Russian
  • Bachelor of Phylology (Pushkin State Russian Language Institute), Magister of Phylology (Pushkin State Russian Language Institute)

Being engaged in the processes of education for more than 10 years, I have always been sure that the key to success lies in raising a harmoniously developed personality, not only filled with academic knowledge, but also able to reflect, analyse, experience empathy and a sincere desire to help those who need support. And most importantly they strive for continuous development, continuous education in the broadest sense of the word. When I first came into contact with the Diploma Program while working at an international school in Singapore, I immediately realised how its comprehensiveness and willingness to provide students with every opportunity to achieve their goals and aspirations creates a new type of student who is ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century and strive to become an active part of it. Coordinating the Diploma Program at Brookes, I witness every day how our students unlock their potential through a variety of methods, discover themselves by trying new things in extracurricular activities, and are already starting to change the world for the better, setting new standards.

Shalamova Tatiana 1
Tatiana Shalamova
  • Teacher of Russian
  • Bachelor of Phylology (Pushkin State Russian Language Institute), Magister of Phylology (Pushkin State Russian Language Institute), PhD of Phylology (Pushkin State Russian Language Institute)

I was born in Moscow. I have PhD in Linguistics and have undergone professional internships in Romania and Bulgaria.

Serova Alina 1
Alina Serova
  • Music Teacher
  • Specialist of Folk Art (Moscow State Institute of Culture), Professional education in pop music art. Piano (State Musical School of Variety and Jazz Arts)

Alina holds a wealth of experience in music education and she has been teaching music for over eleven years. She possesses a dynamic and creative approach and has experience of teaching Music from Pre-Nursery to Year 6. As a teacher, Alina helps students to reach their full potential, whether playing the maraca or performing a piano sonata. Alina says -“Music is a universal language that can engage and inspire pupils. I adore music and find great joy in helping people see the beauty of music.”

Salnikov Sergey 1
Sergey Salnikov
  • Lifeguard
  • Specialist in Physical education (Andijan State University), Professional retraining "Lifeguard" (Education centre "Perspektiva-Moscow")

"I enjoy teaching the finer points of swimming ensuing children are using the right techniques to better themselves and their personal bests each lesson!"

Romanova Olga
Olga Romanova
  • Learning Assistant and Russian Teacher
  • Specialist in Phylology (Saint Petersburg State University), Magister of Pedagogics (Moscow City Pedagogical University)

Olga is an experienced ESOL teacher and has obtained her specialist diploma in St. Petersburg State University, Russia. Her qualifications, supported by multiple professional development courses, allow her to teach both English and Russian languages, and at the moment she is working on her IB Educator certificate. An internationally-minded person, she spent most of her life exploring different countries and lived in the United States for a while. She is fascinated by the IB world and believes in its potential in raising future global citizens. Olga enjoys spending time with her family and pets as well as reading, listening to music and cross-stitching. She is a true lifelong learner and is not afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone, living by an adage: "A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not what a ship is built for".

Podluzhneva Lenara
Lenara Podluzhneva
  • Methodologist
  • Specialist in Filology (Uzbekistan State World Languages University), Magister in Pedagogics (Moscow City Pedagogical University)

"I have wide experience in working in both state and international schools assisting a range of ages in Primary. I have attended several workshops on professional development including SEN support. I am very excited about the PYP Program and International Baccalaureate in general, so I have obtained my Master’s Degree at the Moscow City University; which main focus was the International Baccalaureate and the IB Educator certificate - advanced PYP teaching."

Pavlova Daria 1
Daria Pavlova
  • Learning Assistant
  • Specialist in Foreign languages (Russian State University for the Humanities), iPGCE (The University of Buckingham)

"I have been teaching English since 2008. First, I was working at a language school, where I spent almost 10 years. In August 2018 I started working for Brookes Moscow as a Learning Assistant. In Summer 2019 I worked with Powerful Youth team in Canada as a Senior Leadership Coach for 2 weeks and supported young people on the camp withtheir projects and on their way to make change. Since October 2020 I have been working with BKC ih in surpervising Cambridge Exams."

Pupkova Svetlana
Svetlana Pupkova
  • Swimming instructor
  • Specialist of Physical culture (Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism), Proffesional retraining "Teacher" (Education centre "Profacademia")

"I am a master of sports in swimming and candidate master of sports in modern pentathlon. Coached children in the Russian sports club Dynamo and a team of adults in Latin America, Peru. As well gave private swimming lessons in Moscow. Worked at an international school as an administrative staff. Half a year ago joined Brookes LIFE and helped with P.E. lessons at Brookes school at the end of the last academic year."

Andrey Shumeiko
  • Lifeguard
  • Bachelor of Pedagogica (Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism), Professional retraining "Lifeguard" (Education centre "Perspektiva-Moscow")

I got my first coaching experience in a fitness club while studying at a university in my first year.

Maria Mironova
  • Language Support Teacher
  • MA in Instruction of English as a Foreigh Language (Eötvös Loránd University), Bachelor of Oriental and African Studies (Moscow State University), Professional retraining in Additional Education (Center for Advanced Studies and Retraining "Luch Znanii")

Mironova Maria - Language Support Teacher /Assistant House Parent (Russia)

Mathioudakis Kostas 1
Konstantinos Chrysovalantis Mathioudakis
  • Math Teacher
  • Bachelor of Physics (University of Ioannina), Advanced training in mathematics (National Academy of Additional Professional Education)

Kostas, comes from Thessaloniki, Greece. He graduated from the Physics department, University of Ioannina, Greece in 2012. He moved to Moscow in 2014.

Mchedlidze Daria 1
Daria Mchedlidze
  • Learning Assistant
  • Specialist of linguistics (Southwestern State University), Professional retraining in Preschool education (Centre of professional development "Antares")

"I was born in Riga, Latvia and moved to Kursk region in 1997.I have been teaching since 2012. I am really looking forward to continuing my work at Brookes school and helping the children to develop their skills, good manners, self esteem and positive attitude."

Svetozar Marusic
  • PHE Teacher
  • Masters in Physical Education and Sport (University of Belgrade), Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport (Singidunum University)

"My name is Svetozar Marusic, born in Podgorica (Montenegro) and grew up in Belgrade (Serbia). I am an inspired and skilled Master Teacher of Physical Education and Sport, who has worked both in my native country and abroad. I consider myself a born teacher of Physical Education and Sport, who has always shown genuine love for the chosen profession and enjoyed helping and motivating students to develop a healthy style of living. Working with middle and high school students has given me an excellent chance to promote physical activity and healthy habits among them as well as to help them to gain a lifelong commitment to it. I like to spend my free time with my family, reading books, doing outdoor physical activities, swimming, etc. "

Jason Anthony Mallon
  • PYP Teacher
  • BEd (The University of Edinburgh)

"My first year at Brookes will be my tenth in teaching. I graduated with a degree in Primary Education from Edinburgh University, specialising in Global Citizenship and ICT, before spending a further 5 years working in the United Kingdom. Four years ago, I accepted a post at an international school in Madrid. I have held numerous roles during this time and was most recently the Deputy Headteacher of the upper school campus. I have visited Moscow in the past and am excited about the incredible opportunities that Brookes provides for both students and staff."

Malashkevich Margarita 1
Margarita Malashkevich
  • Learning Assistant
  • Bachelor of Pedagogics (Moscow Pedagogical State University), Magister of Pedagogics (Moscow Pedagogical State University)

For the past 6 years I have successfully been teaching English to students of different age groups, their ages varying from 8 month to 11 years old.

Magomedova Ella 1
Ella Magomedova
  • Learning Assistant
  • Bachelor of Pedagogics (Moscow Pedagogical State University), Professional retraining in Preschool education (Centre of professional development "Antares")

I am from Moscow. I have worked in the USA in the hospitality industry. I have assisted in a Russian School for 2 years. I have been in Brookes Moscow Nursery /Pre Nursery for 3 years and I am looking forward to supporting our new young learners this year.

Lukianova Aleksandra
Aleksandra Lukianova
  • Learning Assistant
  • Bachelor of English Phylology (Karaganda State University named after E.A Buketov), Professional retraining in Preschool education (Centre of professional development "Antares"), iPGCE (The University of Buckingham)

Aleksandra has got an international background and work experience. Coming originally from Kazakhstan, Aleksandra graduated with a diploma in English Philology. Her international academic experience combines teaching practice in the USA and 1 year of exchange studies in Sweden (holder of EU scholarship, the main field of studies - Linguistics). Aleksandra has been teaching for more than 6 years (General English classes, Cambridge Exams preparation, English kindergarten, English for nursery department, English theatre for children, Arts and crafts courses). She is fond of special events planning and organization and possesses a range of skills to do that together with and for children of different age groups.

Logvinova Anastasia 1
Anastasia Logvinova
  • Language Support Teacher
  • Bachelor of Linguistics (Moscow State Linguistics University), Magister of Linguistics (Moscow State University)

"After getting my BA in linguistics and foreign language teaching and MA in translation, I started working in education. I have been working as an ESL teacher and Early Years English teacher since 2016."

Galina Laputina Soares
  • PE assistant
  • Bachelor of Physical education (Moscow Region State University)

Galina played basketball professionally for 12 years and she was in the team of Moscow region. She decided to pursue a PE teaching degree from Moscow Regional State University. After graduating she worked as a PE teacher at secondary and primary schools in Moscow region. To broaden her professional development, she got a qualification as an infant swimming instructor. As her coach once said: “The person who wins is not the one who is stronger, it is the one who will never give up”.

Kvasnikova Ilona 1
Ilona Kvasnikova
  • Visual Art and Design Learning Assistant
  • Bachelor of Pedagogics (Moscow City Teachers’ Training University)

I graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Fine Arts. I worked at Cambridge International school as a kindergarten art teacher.

Kutova Ekaterina 1
Ekaterina Kutova
  • Learning Assistant
  • Bachelor of Pedagogics (Chuvash State Pedagogical University)

I studied in Chuvash State Pedagogical University at the Foreign Languages Department and got Bachelor’s Degree in teaching in 2018. I started my teaching career even earlier as a tutor for schoolchildren and a teacher in a private language school. After university, I continued working in another private language school and in a state school. However, about 2 years ago I made up my mind to become a teacher in a kindergarten and it was a wonderful experience. By the way, my mum worked as a teacher with preschoolers for more than 20 years and now she is a methodologist.

Kushnirenko Ekaterina
Ekaterina Kushnirenko
  • Assistant
  • Bachelor of Pedagogics (Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University named after N. Dobrolyubov), Professional retraining in Preschool education (Centre of professional development "Antares")

I was born and raised in Kazakstan in a multinational and multicultural environment and truly value such notions as global citizenship, equal opportunities and open-mindedness.

Kryukova Angelina 1
Angelina Kryukova
  • Language Support Teacher
  • Bachelor of Social work (Perm State University), MSc in Public Policy (University of Bristol), Professional retraining "Interpreter in proffesional communication" (Perm Sttae University), Professional retraining "Teacher of English" (Moscow city Universit

Ms Angelina Kryukova has an academic background. She is MSc Public Policy (Bristol University, UK), professional Translator and Teacher of English Language (Perm State University). She taught Social Work and English Language at Russian Colleges and Universities, worked as a field experience manager as well as an online courses production manager for Coursera - an international online learning platform. Having experience in studying and working at Russian and British Universities and teaching people of all ages, Angelina Kryukova is pleased to teach students in the best possible international learning environment of Brookes Moscow and is eager to unleash students` unique human potential through an IB educational program.

Krutykh Maria 1
Maria Krutykh
  • Swimming Instructor
  • Bachelor of Directing (Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism), Professional retraining in physical culture and sports (Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism)

"For more than 5 years I have been a member of the organizers of sports events throughout Russia, for example: the World Football Championship(FIFA World Cup Russia 2018)X-Waters VOLGA, Moscow Half Marathon, etc. I have been working with children for more than 7 years in my summer camp and for about a year I had an internship at a Moscow school! after that I became part of the Brookes Moscow family and start my second year here! "

Krutykh Gennadiy 1
Gennady Krutykh
  • Senior Swimming Snstructor
  • Specialist of Physical education (Derzhavin Tambov State University)

"More than 40 years of teaching experience. I have been working at Brookes Moscow School for four years!"

Kivelidi Svetlana 1
Svetlana Kivelidi
  • Teacher of Russian
  • Specialist of Phylology (Russian State University for the Humanities), Professional retraining "Russian as a Foreign Language" (Pushkin State Russian Language Institute)

"I have started my educational career in 2014 and have worked in international schools with a range of age groups from Early Years to Middle school teaching English and Russian language and literature. One of my main goals as a teacher is to help children develop not only academically and socially, but also encourage their personal growth and I believe literature is a powerful tool for achieving that. I am really looking forward to the start of my fourth year at Brookes."

Patrick Kimuli
  • General Science Teacher
  • BSc with Education (Makerere University)

I am from East Africa, Uganda. I’m a Graduate of Makerere University with bachelor’s degree in Science with Education (Biology and Physical Education), I’m an Online biology Tutor/ private tutor and You tube biology content developer inform of lessons.

Daniel Olaoluwa Kekere
  • Math and Computer Science Teacher
  • MSc (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), Bachelor of Aviation and rocket science (Samara National Research University)

Daniel was born in Nigeria and raised in a family where learning was paramount.

Patiguli Kaweili
  • Teacher of Mandarin
  • Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature (Northwest University)

I am from China and have been teaching for more than a decade. I have a bachelor degree in Chinese language and literature from Northwest University - China. I also have a master degree in International Trade from Istanbul Commerce University, that’s why I am fluent in Turkish as well. Currently, I am doing online courses for a Master degree in Education which is in the University of People - the U.S.A. I started my Brookes journey in 2019. In my leisure time, I like to travel, always interested in different cultures, cuisines, histories and languages. I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, practising yoga, keen on healthy living and minimalism.

Saray Ismikhan Qizi Karimli  (2)
Saray Ismixan Qizi Karimli
  • Drama Teacher
  • Bachelor of Directing (Azerbaijan State Culture Art University), Masters of Theatrical studies (Azerbaijan State Culture Art University)

We are excited to welcome Ms Sara Karimli to Moscow Brookes International School as our new drama teacher this academic year 2022.

David Haire
David Robert Haire
  • Product Design Teacher
  • BEd (The Queen's University of Belfast), Master of Social Science (Abo Akademi University)

"We are excited to welcome our new staff member Mr David Haire, from Northern Ireland. David is a First-class honour Bachelor's graduate from The Queen's University Belfast in engineering and teaching, a Master's graduate of development psychology at Abo Akademi, Finland, and a PhD graduate from Sigmund Freud University, Austria in Psychotherapy Sciences.

Dangi Preeti 1
Preeti Dangi
  • PYP Teacher
  • BA in Russian (Jawaharlal Nehru University), MA in Russian (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

"I have been active in the field of education since 2014 in the roles of assistant teacher, learning assistant coordinator and homeroom teacher. Before coming to Russia I worked with different multinational companies and Ministry of Tourism, India. This is my fourth year with Brookes and my third year working with Year 6. I look forward to another exciting year in Year 6 with my students."

Domenico Galizia
  • Business & Economics Teacher
  • Diploma in Natural Science (Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Turin), Professional retraining "Teaching of Italian" (Interregional Academy of Construction and Industrial Complex)

"In my previous job I was a project manager, working for international companies, across Europe and Russia. I bring 25 years of experience in the teaching of Business Management. I handle my classes in the same ways I handled my projects: a goal, a schedule, deadlines and milestones. I am passionate about my subject and in my lessons I teach students also the importance of effectivity over efficiency, and how to achieve it."

Gary Stephen Gerardo Matos
  • Media and English Language & Literature Teacher
  • BA in Media Arts (University College London), PGCE (University College London)

I trained as a teacher at the UCL Institute of Education where I received a PGCE. My teaching experience has mostly been within international schools and my experience encompasses a range of different levels and disciplines. I have taught GCSE, A Level, and I have also prepared students for their English as a Second Language exam for the Cambridge exam board. I have taught English as a Second Language, Humanities, Media Studies and Film Studies.

Jones-Parry Thomas
Thomas Edward Frederick Jones-Parry
  • Individuals & Society Teacher
  • BA in Politics and Sociology (University of Newcastle upon Tyne), PGCE (The Manchester Metropolitan University)

Welcome on board for our new staff member – Thomas Jones-Parry.

Davut Hydyrov
  • Economics Teacher
  • BA in English Language and Literature (International Turkmen-Turkey University), Magister of English Studies (University of Warsaw)

Brendan Daniel Henderson
  • Head of Upper and Senior School
  • PGCE (University of Ulster)

We are excited to welcome Brendan Henderson as our new Head of Upper and Senior School. Brendan comes with a wealth of experience in international schools, having taught in Malawi, Spain and Russia as well as in his native Ireland. Brendan's previous role was as Deputy Head with responsibility for Sixth Form, in which he was responsible for helping numerous students gain entry to Oxbridge and Ivy League Universities.

Lilit Harutyunyan
Lilit Harutyunyan
  • English language & Literature teacher/ MYP Coordinator
  • Bachelor of Phylology and Pedagogics (Yerevan State University), Magister of Phylology (Moscow State University)

My name is Lilit Harutyunyan. I am delighted to introduce myself as a life-long learner, a person with a curious and creative mind, a passionate educator with a strong sense of commitment.

Honey Bhatia
  • MYP PHE Teacher and Aquatics Lead
  • Bachelor of Physical Education (Devi Ahilya University), Master of Physical Education (Devi Ahilya University), PhD in Physical Education (Devi Ahilya University)

He is an enthusiastic and experienced educator and holds a PhD, master and bachelor in Physical and Health Education.

Barrett Stephen 1
Stephen Barrett
  • SEND Teacher
  • Postgraduate Certificate in SEND: National Award for SEN Coordination (Middlesex University), PGCE - Primary: Ages 5-11 Primary (St Mary's University College Twickenham London), BA in Politics and Modern History, MA in Irish history and politics (Universi

"After BA and MA studies, I moved into teaching at the age of 25, working in England and Ireland before moving to Moscow in 2015. I have held numerous roles during my time in Moscow including KS1 and KS2 class teacher, PSHE Coordinator, PGCE Mentor and SENCO."

Prem Bahadur_
Prem Bahadur
  • PE Teacher
  • M.P.Ed (Lakshmibai National Institute Of Physical Education), B.P.Ed. (Lakshmibai National Institute Of Physical Education)

Prem Bahadur is a passionate teaching professional and a versatile personality from India. He brings to the table more than 4 years of experience in facilitating IB MYP Physical and Health Education (E-Portfolio MYP5) in his previous IB continum school.

Melvin Austria
Melvin Castillo Austria
  • PYP teacher
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education (Metro Manila College)

Melvin Castillo Austria is a certified professional teacher from the Philippines who has been teaching for nearly 12 years. He worked as a Language and Literature Lecturer at a university before assisting in the development of a Preschool's learning journey.

Artamonova Julia
Julia Artamonova
  • Visual Arts Teacher
  • Specialist - Decorative arts artist (Stroganov Academy)

"I was born in Russia and have worked as an IBDPVA teacher for six years, and also has 30 years of artistic experience. Each art endeavour is building self-esteem in the students and challenging them to find their inner Role: MYP/DP artist."

Araud Benjamin 1
Benjamin Jean Marie Araud
  • Teacher of French
  • Masters in Public Law (University of Montpellier), PGCE with QTS (Sheffield Hallam University)

"French par excellence, I have been teaching our beautiful language avoiding clichés et déja-vus for well over 15 years. On the lesson menu, everything is à-la-carte and my students enjoy carte blanche as long as they keep avoiding faux pas and culs-de-sac. I believe that learning Molière's tongue always brings a little extra je-ne-sais-quoi in our lives. "Whatever is well conceived is clearly said and the words to say it flow with ease."

Dunja Antic
  • PHE Teacher
  • Masters in Physical Education and Sport (University of Belgrade), Graduated Teacher of Physical Education and Sport (University of Belgrade)

We are excited to welcome Dunja Antic, Master Teacher of Physical Education and Sport, from Serbia. Her love of education and children led her to choose to attend High school for kindergarten teacher with a focus on practical implementation.

Sergey Alferov
Sergey Alferov
  • History and Individuals & Society Teacher
  • Specialist of History (Moscow State University)

We are delighted to be introducing IB DP History course into our curriculum and welcoming Sergey Alferov as our teacher of IB DP History and MYP I&S as well as EE Coordinator!

Aleksandrova Natalia 1
Nataliya Aleksandrova
  • Language Support Teacher
  • Specialist of Linguistics (Russian State University for the Humanities), Professional retraining in Preschool education (Centre of professional development "Antares"), Certificate in TESOL (INTESOL RUSSIA)

I graduated from Russian State University for the Humanities with a degree in Linguistics and Translation Studies.