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Пробная неделя

Introducing our blended programme developed by a team of educational experts at Brookes Moscow. Our extensive 6 years of international baccalaureate teaching experience has helped us to create an innovative learning format that ensures thorough development of key skills in children.

An important aspect of our approach is to provide a comfortable, supportive and stress-free environment for the children. We offer an extended school day from 8am to 4pm, during which students will be able to immerse themselves deeply in learning, and also enjoy recreation and fun activities.

This is a truly bilingual programme - for example, students explore math in both English and Russian, which will enable them to become fluent in both languages, thus widen their communication options and following study and work paths.

We invite you to take a tour around our school to find out how we structure educational flow in the blended programme, to feel Brookes atmosphere and to sign up for a trial day.

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