Fun Family Saturday on 2nd of March

Open Day 2024

At 10 a.m. on 2nd of March , Brookes Moscow will open its doors to all families who want to explore Brookes’ world. Register for the Open Day to enjoy a fun and rewarding Saturday!

Our program for the Day:

Playing with Alice in Wonderland (for ages 2-6):

Interactive creative and sports workshops will help children dive into Brookes' fairy tale (in Russian with English translation)

Journey to Hogwarts (for children 6-14 years old):

A fascinating magical quest tour based on the Harry Potter books by Fanny Bell Theater Studio will bring children to Hogwarts (in Russian with translation into English).

Science lab experiments and culinary master class (for children 10-16 years old):

A marvellous blend of physics, chemistry lab experiments and a culinary workshop - feel Brookes’ magic (in English with translation into Russian)

Counseling and Q&A session on university enrollment for future graduates (16-18 years old) and parents:

  • about enrollment with IB diploma in Russia and abroad (from Brookes Moscow, MGIMO, HSE, Plekhanov REU IBS)
  • about opportunities of the Brookes Moscow boarding house
  • about admission to Swiss universities (from Swiss Education Group)
  • about IELTS exams (from Student International).

Presentation of the new blended program BROOKES.RUS (for everyone):

You will learn about the innovative program BROOKES.RUS, which combines two curricula: International Baccalaureate (IB) and Russian FSES.

Brookes Moscow Spring Camp (for children ages 5-12):

Parents can learn about Brookes Summer camps in Russia, the UK, and Canada, register for Spring Camp, which will be held March 25-29, and even win a spot for camp!

Entrance assessments (from age 7):

Everyone is welcome to take an entrance assessment (option offered on a paid basis). You would need to book a slot with the Admissions Office by emailing

Mark the date and time on your calendar: 10am. Saturday. March 2, 2024. And register)

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