Bus service

Home to School

Brookes does not provide home-to-school bus services.

Bus services are contracted between families, companies, or embassies and the service provider- TLS (Transport Link Service), which has demonstrated reliability since the Brookes Moscow opening. TLS is an external transportation provider with a school-based transportation coordinator who works in collaboration with the school to ensure that the transportation needs of the students are met.

How It Works

- TLS pick up your kids and drop them off at your door, or as close as practically possible. All buses have adult English-speaking monitors on board, in addition to certified, medically checked drivers.

- Parents can be in touch with bus monitors at all times during the ride.  Brookes has our dedicated coordinator located in school every afternoon.

- Pickup times are designed for 08:10 arrival at Brookes before the start of the school day at 8:20. The median trip takes just under 50 minutes. To maintain route integrity and respect for others, late shows are left behind, after a short wait (2 minutes maximum).  Afternoon return (16:00 Brookes departure) times vary more, but median times are less than one hour.

Transport Link Service (TLS)

- Every TLS driver has a class D Russian driving license and is medically checked every morning by a certified physician at TLS facilities.

- TLS uses 20-seat Ford Transit equipped with a special heating system, air conditioning, and seatbelts. TLS performs regular safety checks and keeps buses in top condition.

- Vehicles are insured according to Russian law, and TLS carries extra liability insurance, more than Russian law requires.


For information

We would love to offer the opportunity for your children to come to school by bus from any corner of Moscow! For this, please reach out to our bus coordinator brookes@transportlinkservice.ru