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Our Executive Committee is dedicated to the constant self-improvement of the schools in its care, to ensure optimal environments for student learning. Our obligation is to meet all necessary statutory requirements of the Russian Federation whilst applying the standards of the International Baccalaureate and the Council of International Schools. All decisions made by the committee are based on the best interests for learning and care of our children.

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Charley King
  • Director of Schools

Charley King has worked in a variety of schools for over 25 years, both in the UK and Internationally. He is an Independent Schools Inspectorate, and an Evaluation Team Member for the Council of International Schools. He has spent most of his educational career working in Independent Day & Boarding Schools. In his 6 Year tenure for Brookes Russia, a number of projects have been successfully launched under the Brookes Education Group Banner: Brookes Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Brookes LIFE, Boarding and the latest Kindergarten in the city centre, Brookes SAVVIN.

John Downey
  • Principal of Brookes Moscow

John has been in Brookes since the beginning in 2018 and was previously the Head of Physical Education at the International School of Moscow. John qualified in PE teaching in Liverpool JMU in 2009 and before moving to Moscow in 2014, taught at home in Ireland for 5 years teaching PE and Irish and then completed his Masters in Dublin City University. He is originally from County Derry and is very passionate about sport and was heavily involved in Gaelic Games coaching in Ireland and has since helped establish a new Gaelic Football club here in Moscow.

Zarina King
  • Project Director

Zalina Abregova
  • Director of Legal

Zalina is a qualified and experienced specialist in the field of educational relations, the status of educational organizations and non-profit organizations, and also has extensive experience in the field of civil law and process. For more than 6 years she worked in a consulting company, where she represented the interests of one of the best private schools in Moscow. Zalina joined the Brooks family more than 3 years ago.

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Adel Khaidarov
  • Administrative Director

Adel has previously had an opportunity to work in different parts of Russia in the hospitality business for more than 13 years. He has seen around the world and has a good understanding of quality. Adel received a university diploma as a teacher, however, decided to pursue his career in operations in the hotel industry which gave him a tremendous experience and knowledge to use in Brookes schools. Adel's career started as a linear staff member and reached the position of Hotel manager at a 5 star hotel in Saint Petersburg until he left for a current position in Brookes. Even though Adel has been a part of Brookes family for less than two years, he is confident he is a true part of not only the education system but Brookes Russia as well. Adel believes that by taking care of our students’ education we invest in the bright future of our planet.